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Detachable Bowl Spiral Mixer With Auto Lift


SM-150-D(Spiral Mixer)  
Max. Wheaten flour quantity(Kg.) 90
Max. Dough quantity(Kg.) 150
Bowl Volume(I) 270
Electrical Specifications  
Installed Power(KW) 11 KW / 14.5 HP
Connecting voltage 3 ph 415 V.50 Hz.
Length(MM/Ft.) 1720 5.6
Width(MM/Ft.) 595 / 2.0
Height working Position(MM/Ft.) 1380 / 4.5
Height-lifted cover(MM/Ft.) 1840 / 2.33
Mixer weight(Kg.) 750
Trolley with Bowl Weight(Kg.) 240
Lord Capacity 90
Electrical Specifications
Installed Power(KW) 1.5 / 2
Connecting voltage 3 ph 415 V.50 Hz.
Height(MM / Ft.) 3200/10.5
Width(MM / Ft.) 1600/5.75
Depth(MM / Ft.) 1200/3.9
Weight(Kg.) 950

Automated Bread plant

Salient Features

  • With the launch of new set of machines , Qtronic automated bread plant with European technology makes you easy to produce breads in huge volumes with high quality and consistency of every leaf Of bread produced. These automated machines are user friendly and easy to maintain.
  • Since they are Automated, the manpower is reduced and high quality bread is guaranteed in every batch.
  • Qtronic spiaral mixer are produced with latest technology , Spiral mixer saves energy and time by shortening the kneading time fairly.
  • Bowl, Spiral arm, knive is stainless steel. It is possible to knead every kind of bread and other floury product dough.
  • It provides homogeneous mixture of dough.
  • Automatic and manual usage is available, mixing times can be adjusted, fully system works very quiet.